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Coexiste is built on collaboration and shared values. Our partners aren’t just people we work with; they’re a part of who we are.



Haddy takes a radical approach to ethical manufacturing. Dedicated to full circularity, they not only use sustainable processes and materials, they also take back products at the end of their use and upcycle them for the next generation of beautiful 3D-printed furniture. Learn more at

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The body of the Ripple is made from PETG composite, a unique material that allows all manufacturing scraps to be fully reusable. It can be almost infinitely recycled through industrial recycling programs. 

The wood tops, sourced from Gat Creek custom furniture makers, are crafted from sustainably harvested ash in the Appalachian forest of West Virginia. 


3D printing is an incredibly efficient process, minimizing material waste and transportation emissions while providing cost-effective customization. It’s how we’re able to produce in small batches, made to order, and bring you something special in the end.


Since 2022, Haddy has created beautiful, functional furniture for industry-leading brands like Room & Board.


White Lotus

The artisans at White Lotus have been handcrafting natural, sustainable bedding in their New Jersey workshop since 1981. With a dedication to excellence in everything they do, they’ve designed our pet beds to minimize their impact on the planet, stay fresher longer, and be used for life. Learn more at


SPCA Tampa Bay

All pet models on our site are courtesy of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(SPCA) Tampa Bay. It’s the only non-profit in their area that provides housing and veterinary services to every animal that comes their way. To maintain open admission requires continuous funding. With great gratitude and appreciation for their work, we have committed a portion of our proceeds to this fantastic organization. Learn more at

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